When Calorie Counting Goes Wrong

Could you tell me what 10g of butter looks like? Besides being yellow…

I posed the question to one of my groups with this very picture;


The replies were amazing, from as little as 4.75g to a whopping 65g guess!

Now I’m not saying butter is bad for you or anything like that. I just want to help you understand that IF you are indeed tracking your calories it can be the little things that are slowing down your progress

10g of butter is just 72kcal

Now on a knife it doesn’t look as much (the pic is a teaspoon) which means you could easily use more butter.

If you have say 20g of butter on a slice of toast for breakfast, say a chicken salad sandwich for lunch (because its healthy on the inside) that could be another 40g of butter

Making a total of 432kcal in butter!

When Calorie Counting Goes Wrong

432kcal can very easily take you from that lovely weight loss deficit into a surplus of calories. All from 60g of butter that you didn’t think would make a difference…

Like I’ve already said, I’m not bad mouthing butter, rather drawing your attention to the small things that can easily go unnoticed when counting calories.

Imagine working your butt off in the gym, eating what you’d deem a frikkin strict nutrition plan and not seeing the results you are hoping for

So we’ve established that everything you eat should be accounted for when counting calories. Of course this is for those wanting results as fast as possible, if you are looking to just semi track your intake then you may take a different approach :p

Are Your Eye’s Calibrated….

Something I see and hear far too often amongst the keen counters is guesstimating!

This can also be fatal if you are just starting out…After a while you will be able to judge certain foods weight though (winner!)


Could you tell me which one is which??

I’ll let you into a little secret….When I created this picture, I also struggled to remember which was which!

Yes, we are back to the butter on a spoon again (keeping it simple)

It’s quite hard to judge this kind of stuff with your eyes so I’d just put the butter tub onto a scale, zero it and then see how much you use

^^^It takes 30sec to do btw^^^

So let’s go back to the first example of a piece of toast and sandwich with 60g of butter.

If you were to use 10g a time, totalling 60g as before it would be 432kcal
If you were guesstimating and ended up using 20g a time that would DOUBLE your kcal intake to 864kcal!!

Goodbye sweet deficit!!….

Hello self doubt and stress, with the old;

“This diet doesn’t work”

Of course, this is just ONE of many ways to hit the weight loss journey…with each client we approach it in different ways. You just need to find what WORKS FOR YOU

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