How To Have Your Cake & Eat It…When Losing Weight

Some will be thinking what smoke is he going to blow up my ass now, but I’m serious

You CAN have ‘treats’ as so many people see them when losing weight!
read on to find out how….

The picture above is one that I shared with our members & asked how many calories they thought were on the plate

  • 800kcal?
  • 650kcal?
  • 1100kcal?
  • 450kcal??…

There were a load of guesses and to their relief I am going to reveal how many calories were on the plate (In a bit)

A diet as most see it shouldn’t be so black and white; avoid sugar, carbs, fats, processed, etc all the time – that’s just not sustainable

Yes, if you’re after quick weight loss then drop the things that are getting in the way but re introduce them partially later down the line. I’m a weight loss coach and I ate this… why can’t you?!

Weight Watchers, although it has it’s downfalls can be good for something in my life as well as looking for alternatives to what you love

I LOVE Ice Cream, I need it in my life

A great friend of mine showed me the light, by way of Oppo Ice Cream <<<AMAZING!!
Also, more recently another friend of mine Jimmy Saunders went one step better and shared this combo of Cheese cake and ice cream

I can tell you have saliva building up in your mouth right now

This godly combo came in at an amazing


Yep, I know what you’re thinking…!?!

Here is the ‘secret’

BUT…..first I must explain how you too can enjoy these foods whilst eating to lose fat

Of course, you should be in a calorie deficit (I’m going to assume you know this already)
When you know your calorie target, you should look at your protein target

Ensure your protein target is met with quality protein

For me it’s 30% Protein (AKA 250g or 1000kcal of protein)

Once I know I can hit this by planning ahead, I’ll then work in my carbs and fats. Which gives a bit more free reign over what you can eat


Yes, that is a Weight Watchers meal….the calories fit and it tastes good too couple that with a few scoops of Oppo and you have yourself a winning dessert for less than 300kcal

What Does This Mean For You?

If you suffer from cravings around ‘that’ time of month, then stock up on what would work well with your calorie intake and tackling those cravings!
Knowing you can have foods like cheesecake and ice cream fit into your diet is great for making it a more sustainable journey, and what does that mean….less chance of deviating from your path to smashing your goals!

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