How To Find The Best Diet That Suits You

Susie down the road has dropped 10lbs in the last 3 days, so that’s the diet I’m going to do now.

This, unfortunately isn’t the answer….what Susie has yet to say is that she is STARVING and is spending more time on the toilet than a bear spends in the woods!

So how do you find the best diet for you??

Well you could follow the trends and do a DNA test or get your poop looked at under a microscope (no thankyou!), but at the moment there isn’t enough evidence to support either of these trends actually being of benefit.


How to find the diet for you

Think ‘WHY’ about changing your diet

What are your reasons for wanting to change your diet? Are you going to try going Vegan because you don’t like eating animals, or just to try and clear up your skin? Are you listening to the latest celeb advice and giving up something because it worked for them, or do you feel you have an intolerance?  Is it a diet a friend did which helped them lose weight?
Think about what matters to you and then decide.



Make just one change, or choose a diet

If you’ve seen an approach that tickles your fancy, go for it…fancy trying Paleo, give it a shot. Or if you’d rather make changes to your current diet, then try changing one thing at a time. Like cutting back on dairy and monitor the effects on your body, or carbs. Just try not to make too many changes at the same time as you won’t be able to monitor what influences the change in you.
Some people benefit from lower carbs, others lower fats. Reduce rather than eliminate though.



Stick it out for at least a month

To see/feel the true effects from a change in diet try to do it for at least a month. That way you can see what effect it has on you.

However, if you are finding it a nightmare after 2 weeks then change it. There’s no point doing something that is causing you stress or you feel you are having to force yourself to do it daily.

If you have to force it then its not the right diet for you.



Keep a record

Like any experiment you need to keep a record. Yes, you are indeed experimenting with diets to find out what works best. How can you tell what is the best approach if you don’t keep track of the changes?
You can use nutrition trackers such as MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake, type of foods, results, etc and then look back over then to see what worked best. Also track your training to ensure you are progressing.
By tracking you can also pick up on certain foods that bring on headaches, etc





At the end of your ‘experiment’ have a look back over the results. If this diet helped you feel better, more energetic, helped with weight loss or strength and you can sustain it, then its more than likely the diet for you.

Remember, a diet isn’t something you are on or off; it’s what you do daily. Over time you may well make changes, try something different or have a change in lifestyle.



Just  don’t forget to give any changes you make time, time to settle and have an effect.





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