Essential Guide To Losing Weight

Weight Loss has got to be one of the most searched terms on Google (aside from ‘why my IPhone won’t…’), which is why we’ve written this – to help you save time.

To start with you have to believe you CAN do it and understand that small changes over time will lead to a healthier and trimmer you

How Does Weight Loss Happen?

It all comes down to that old equation; Calories in minus calories out to create that deficit needed to lose weight. AKA burn more calories than you take in….BUT IS IT REALLY THAT EASY?!

To create a calorie deficit you need to burn a little more than your body needs in order to maintain your weight, or eat a little less. The way is works is that the calories used through exercise + non-exercise activity (walking, etc) + basal metabolic rate (BMR) need to be MORE than the calories you take in through food.

How To Lose Weight

Right then! Now that we know how weight loss happens, we need to look at how to achieve it. There are two main ways (no Juicing isn’t one of them!); change what you eat or change what you do (exercise). Ideally, and most people find that doing both are a great way to losing weight and feeling better.

Changing What You Eat/Drink

Reducing how many calories you take in, or rather reducing how much you eat and adding/switching in some healthier options are what works well for most. But if your not all for the life of a rabbit then there are a few things you can look at doing to achieve weight loss

Tracking – This by far is the best way of ensuring you are getting the right amount of calories in to enable you to lose weight. This can open your eyes a lot to what you are actually putting in your body…that ‘healthy’ fruit smoothie may be full of goodness BUT could actually put you over your calories, sugar, and even carb intake!
Just because something says it’s healthy doesn’t mean it is good for your waistline.
As you track your intake you get a better understanding of what you are eating, as well as what the foods contain. Yes, you can indeed grab that McDonalds and ‘make’ it fit your calories, but to get the best from your nutrition eat an 80/20 split of healthy, unprocessed foods vs. your go-to food treat.
It takes time and gets easier the more you do it so don’t lose your mind over being 5g out on a macro!
Ditch The Fizz – No I’m not talking Prosecco….the fizzy pops are pretty much empty calories which won’t sustain you and can be the one thing hindering your weight loss progress. 139kcal in a can of coca-cola…drinking a few of these a day can stop weight loss in it’s tracks. Like the fizzy stuff? try reducing or substituting for zero cal fizzy pops
Plan Your Meals – How often do you get home, sink into the sofa and end up ordering takeaway? Planning your meals in advance and even cooking in bulk will curb this habit and save time in the long run. Not to mention your bank balance and calories too!
Meal planning can even involve the kids and get you exploring new meals

Get That Exercise Done (Burn the calories)

Reducing your food intake is fine but burning calories with exercise has a lot of benefits too! Regular exercise can boost your mood, performance (wey hey!) and metabolism, making burning those pesky calories easier

There’s a gazillion workouts online, with coaches literally throwing workout plans at you! It doesn’t need to be something crazy with Shaun T….a simple workout at home will do wonders for you, or joining a group of ladies in the gym (coffee after?). The best advice I can give is to find something you enjoy doing and do that, not all workouts are fun so try to enjoy most of what you do to get trim….after all it’s a lifestyle change so you want to be able to do it and enjoy

You may be surprised but going for a walk can help with your weight loss too. Upping your daily steps will increase your fitness and burn extra calories, helping you create that calorie deficit. Try parking a bit further from work and walking, or taking the stairs instead of the lift….every extra step helps

Take Home Advice

If you slip up, have a bad day, or lose your sh#t after a bad day at work, get back on track as soon as you can. We understand that not everyday will go to plan and life does get in the way. It’s fine, don’t worry.

Remember that failure isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a lesson to learn from and adjust upon.

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