5 Tips to Lose The Love Handles

Okay so lets start with putting the raspberry cheesecake muffin down….I joke….I’m eating one as I write this!

Now let’s get one thing straight, the ‘love handles’ are one of the most annoying places for men and women alike. Even if you’ve dropped a huge 5 stone of weight, you will still be pissed as you have these love handles staring back at you giving you grief

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, the love handles are that area that sticks out just above your hips (on the sides).

Before I get to the reason why you’re still reading this (to avoid eye contact with the person opposite you right?), I want to explain WHY this is such a problematic area for most.

Quite simply, this is an area of STUBBORN FAT…You know, like that kid that just won’t give up the football even though it’s game over.

This means it will take more work to get rid of the ‘love handles’, which is why I give you…..DRUM ROLL PLEASE……

5 tips to lose the love handles

#1 – Let’s look at how much you eat

Yep, it does boil down to this; if you eat more than you need you will NEVER get rid of them. A brilliant way to look at it is like this –

You have a cup, you put a little hole in the bottom
Fill it with water
now the water will slowly exit through the hole
If you put more water in the water level won’t drop

in this example the water is the calories (energy) you put in, the cup being your body and the hole representing the calories your body burns.

Of course, you could make the hole bigger (exercise more)…but it all boils down to you needing to be in a calorie deficit.

#2 – Eat LESS Carbs…Oh yes I’m going there

I’m not, I repeat, NOT saying to avoid eating carbs. In today’s society we as a whole eat far too many carbs. You need to understand that when you eat carbohydrates, they’re broken down into sugar and it then enters the bloodstream.

When sugar enters the blood stream, the hormone insulin is secreted. The more sugar, the more insulin and when insulin is released, the body can not burn fat.
In fact, it stores fat and one of the prime areas of fat storage when too much insulin is released is in your love handles!

Carbs are great and can be used to increase your results under certain circumstances but you should look to reduce the amount you eat.

#3 – Hit the Squats

Weight training is key to body composition but training legs in particular has shown some great results in studies. It’s been shown that people with more muscle in their legs have a higher metabolic rate and are more sensitive to the effects of insulin (which is a good thing, with regards to the previous tip!) and less belly fat.

Also, as I’ve said before weight training keeps you burning calories for up to 36 hours….you’ll be burning calories sat on the sofa! WINNER

#4 – Watch that alcohol intake

More than empty calories from sugary foods, drinking alcohol kicks fat storing into high gear.

This happens because alcohol releases cortisol that fights the production of testosterone (yes, women produce testosterone too). Alcohol also causes blood sugar swings, which is why you may experience restless sleep after drinking (Your blood sugar dips so your body secretes stress hormones to get it back up, and those stress hormones wake you).

Blood sugar swings are another stress that can contribute to belly-fat storage. Ideally, having one to two drinks once or twice a week is the max for fat loss.

#5 – Hit the HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) will not only save you time, but also spare muscle, increase testosterone levels and boost fat burning!

No more long hours on the treadmill and in comes in sprint work!


But, where are the exercises to target the love handles??

You’re probably upset that there isn’t an exercise specifically that targets the love handle area specifically, right? Sadly, that kind of spot reduction is not really going to happen, the body just doesn’t lose fat in one place simply because you train that area well, not an amount that you’d ever notice – The only real way to spot reduce is through diet.

There are a few more things you can do and if you’re serious about how to lose love handles we could have a chat about them. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll can set up a call

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