Thanks for deciding to join us on one of our walks. You will not be disappointed, from start to finish you will love taking part in a mountain conquest with us.

Our number one priority

This is one of our passions; helping people conquer mountains and even fears! Seeing how quickly people work together, support each other and ensure everyone reaches the top together is just amazing.

Now, with regards to safety - We will be watching the weather in the lead up to the walk and if we feel it will be unsuitable and put you at a higher risk than normal we will let you know.

If we have to cancel a walk don't worry as it will get rescheduled and if you can't attend you will get a refund.

Your safety and enjoyment is our number 1 priority on every single walk!

What you NEED to do next

Below we have a few things we need from you before you attempt the walk

Please click the link below to download and complete a health questionnaire
This needs to be completed for each walk you take part in

Once complete, you will be all set to come on the walk with us.


    Here is a recommended kit list.

    Please pack sensibly and take into account the time of year too