Why You Care More For The Dog Than Yourself

Don’t worry, I’m not holding your dog to ransome!

There won’t be a ransome note in the letter box…..or will there?…

I was watching a vet programme and saw some amazing things being done to help animals, especially dogs recover.

The shows called ‘The Supervet’ and it really was fascinating…

He was doing amazing things to help save animals that other vets would have chosen to put down.

The particular dog needed his rear feet replaced, but on further investigation the vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, he found he would also need hip replacements!….

Now you can imagine the vet fee’s for all of that!

When he posed the question to the owners there was no choice.

They said “He has so much more life to live”

there was no choice to be made; they chose the dog’s health over destroying it we’re taking £1000’s in fees for a dog to live a few years more

What Would You Do?

You’d want to see your beloved one live as long as possible being as healthy as possible right?

So why when it comes to your own health does the opinion change?

Being obese when you are 40 knocks up to seven years off your life

One in ten children starting primary school in Britain is now regarded as alarmingly overweight, increasing to 15% of school leavers

Why are we not concerned about our own health?!

Have we got to leave it until it’s too late??

When we have a scare such as a stroke, heart disease, organ failure knee replacements, etc

Oh and don’t worry we aren’t as expensive as the vets

If you value a pets health more than your own, what would happen if god forbid you fall ill?

You end up in hospital for a long period

Would you agree that you being healthy and living longer is better for yourself, and those who depend on you?

This is a reality check!

Start putting yourself as a priority…

This is what we do, help ladies realise that they need to be a priority

to ensure they can give their best to their dependants.

If you’d like help with that just get in touch.

We can set up a call to clear the fog and get you focussed

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