How the Fit Bit is making people fat

You read that right, FitBits are leading to people gaining weight!

“But surely they encourage exercise and are good for you?”

I won’t deny that knowing what your heart rate is after 5 mins in the sack is cool….

(By the way 5 minutes isn’t cool!)

Or knowing the amount of steps you’ve done daily isn’t good for you

Where the steps are leading to may not be so good…

….to get a tub of Ben & Jerrys isn’t so good :p

Or how knowing the amount of calories you’ve burnt during the day is good

…..Or is it??!….

Now I’ve found a flaw with this
One that I’ve seen on FakeBook, heard people speaking about and over heard in the shops

“oh, I’ve burned an extra 200kcals today, I can have X to eat now”

Does that sound familiar?
I’ve heard it countless times and it’s an unhealthy way to use the FitBit

But here is the crazy bit…

Your FitBit could very well be underestimating the amount of calories you’ve burned!!!

If you wear the FitBit One or Flex and then wear the FitBit Charge

You’ll see a notable difference in readings!

Around a couple of hundred calories difference!

What does that mean?!
That’s probably got you scratching your head, wondering why you can’t lose weight.

If you are eating less than the “calories burned” number and still not seeing the results you want (usually weight loss),

You are in too much of a calorie deficit

Meaning you will either not lose weight or put weight on!

I’ve got a heart rate monitor but I wouldn’t rely on it to tell me I’m over doing it

My body can tell me that a little bit better I think :p

The same goes for gadgets telling you how many calories you’ve burnt

You know how hard you work, you should use measurements/scales/pictures to tell if your losing weight or not eating enough/too much

Hell, if you’re hungry through the day and feel you have to ‘spread’ your food out then you’re not eating enough

Here is a neat thing that scares ALL dieters……

You need to do a reverse diet (pauses for gasps)





by eating more you may well start to experience some of the following;

More energy
Better performance
Better focus
Less stress
Better sleep
and the best yet…..weight loss!

Do you think you’re under eating?

Are you not seeing the weight loss you’d expect?

Do you want me to tell you what you could be doing wrong and what you could try instead?

Hit me up with a message (as I know you’re all shy..)

I’ve been Joe Williams……Have A Good day!

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