Are Diet Drinks Bad For You?

This will 100% come as a shock to the majority reading especially if you have or are a client!

These days people always say that the Diet soft drinks are unhealthier than the ‘full fat’ ones…you know, those cancer causing drinks as so many people put it, but is this really the case?

If you want to know people’s opinions on this just post it on social media.
When you look to challenge this thought, it’s normally via people’s belief….not logic or knowledge!

How many of these people have studied the effects of carbonated soft drinks on the body?!

I’ll hold my hands up to doing this too, but those who preach about the chemicals or the processed foods being bad for you do so with disregard to the current evidence currently available to support these claims.

So What Is Right And Wrong?

Well, looking at the diet pops….those that are labelled as calorie free/low calorie won’t damage your health, well being or body composition. Of course if you drink fizzy pop in excess then yes, it will have a bad effect but so will most when taken in excess…even water!

Personally, I’ll only drink fizzy pop if there’s some alcohol in it…how else would you drink it ey!?

When it comes to weight loss, a diet soft drink or low calorie sweetened drink can be a good option; not only to satisfy your cravings but also to reduce the total amount of calories that would otherwise be consumed.

We live in a time where pretty much anything can be labelled as bad for your health, but when you look at the studies done on the link between these drinks and health implications there are some questionable variables!

The main issue in the studies being that they caloric intake by each study groups wasn’t equal and we all know that excess caloric consumption has a direct impact with many health issues; such as heart disease, obesity, etc

What Should We Do Then?

You are probably thinking

“Surely these diet drinks are bad for me as they are not natural?”

We wouldn’t blame anyone for coming to these conclusions as the marketing behind this is so powerful BUT there are no studies that indicate any long-term health risks from drinking diet drinks.

Weight loss comes down to your caloric intake; if you want a diet pop to take the edge off then go for it, just try to limit the amount

If your looking to ‘eat clean’ (or keep your teeth) then it’s probably best you avoid drinking diet drinks…

I’m not suggesting that you drink 2l of diet coke per day, but take a common sense approach. A can of diet coke a day to curb your appetite or help you stay on track with your diet is fine in my view.

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