6 Tips To Reduce Sugar Intake

The award for the “Quickest Way To Pack On Pounds” goes to….


Before I get into this, I just want to say that sugar itself ISN’T BAD…It’s the quantity of it that you eat which is causing you weight problems.


We have been eating more and more sugar over the past 200 years, which has led to rising obesity numbers.
Back in 1822 the average person ate only 6.3 lbs of sugar per year, compared to 130 lbs of sugar in 2012.

You read that right – from 6 pounds to 130lbs!

That’s more than 20 times as much sugar in our modern diet!

No wonder we are bigger than ever…
That’s because your diet is filled with so much sugar that it’s included in virtually every single processed food.

This is yet another reason why it’s important to cut those processed and packaged convenience foods out of your diet.Cutting sugar from your diet is easier said than done.

Once it is a part of your daily diet, cravings strike, causing you to eat it even more frequently.

Not only does it promote rapid fat storage, but here are sugar’s other dirty little secrets:

  • Weakens Your Immune System
  • Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance
  • As Addictive As Hard Drugs
  • Speeds Up the Aging Process
  • Raises Your Risk of Disease

But there is hope.

Here are 6 Ways To Crave Less of that Sugar you’re eating that’s killing your results and keeping you from attaining your goal weight:

1) Eat More Protein

This will keep you satisfied and less likely to crave sweets. A great way to make sure that you’re getting enough is to plan each meal and snack around a protein.

Plan breakfast around eggs, lunch and dinner around chicken, turkey and grass fed beef breast.

2) Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the truth is that the diet coke you’re sipping is making it harder for you to reach your goal weight. While the diet soda itself doesn’t contain calories, it has been proven to cause cravings for sugary foods. And is a chemical hell hole. Go for water!

3) Steer Clear Of Saboteurs

You know the family member who dishes you up a bowl of ice cream, and the friend who comes over with a plate of her home-baked cupcakes, the colleague in the office who brings in the krispy kremes or Asda own <<Cheapskate!

The best avoidance strategy is to sincerely thank the sugar-pusher for their gift, tell them you wish you could eat it, and then blame me – your trainer – as the bad guy who says that you need to cut back on sugar.

4) Try Dark Chocolate

For those moments when your sweet tooth is relentlessly badgering you for something sweet, stick with a small square of very dark chocolate. Chocolate that is 70% or higher in cocoa content should be the only candy that you keep on hand. It’s also great when you’re going through the “time of the month”. Literally one square though.

5) Change Your Palate

As you begin to limit your intake of refined sugars, you’ll find that your tolerance for sugar decreases. This means that something that didn’t taste sweet before – say a green apple – now has uncanny depths of sweetness. Plus after a period of time where you have cut it out for so long, you’ll eventually forget it.

6) Workout Like You Mean It

A regular, challenging exercise routine will not only get you into amazing shape, it also reduces your cravings for sugar. The endorphin rush brought on by vigorous exercise is an even more powerful feel-good-feeling than the pleasure gotten by indulging in sugary foods.

I hope these tips help.

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