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flexible training

We know that one issue so many people have is not being able to commit to the same time for training each week.
This is why you have flexibility when it comes to booking your sessions. With over 35 session times to choose from each week we are confident that you’ll find a time that suits you for training with us

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saturday shred

If you are someone who likes to take maximum fat loss away from your workout then you will not want to miss this amazing opportunity to work with our team
Both members and non-members are welcome to join our SATURDAY SHRED sessions

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semi private training

This is no new fad. We’ve been developing the small-group training method for over 6 years now. In fact, you’ll now see others trying to adopt this innovative approach, which goes to show what we’ve done works, and we’ve seen it working every day.
Our gym is set up for it. Our team are trained for it. And it’s what we’re known for.

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online personal training

Can’t make it to our facility but want to work with us to get the results you need? This is where Online Training comes in

We work with people from all over the world to get great results without them having to step foot within our facility.

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12 week photoshoot challenge

GI Joe Personal Training’s 12 Week Photoshoot Challenge is the best way to get in insane shape, and then capture your progress at the end with a professional photoshoot with the incredibly talented Simon Howard (SNHFOTO)
This is online coaching with the shorter deadline and photoshoot at the end

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group training

All we care about is getting you the results you want: a stronger, healthier, toned body. It’s also about empowerment, celebrating what you can achieve and feeling fantastic within yourself. With our inclusive community atmosphere and the support of our world-class personal trainers, you’ll hit your physical goals, smash your personal barriers and come out the other side with new energy.

Proven programmes for real results

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