Why Motivation is just BS & what to do instead

Don’t worry you’ll also find out how to get over that too by reading this

Why do you need to wait to feel the motivation even though you know exactly what it is you want?

You know you want to lose weight, so you look better (in your eyes) so that you feel better about yourself, which means you have more confidence in yourself and that in turn leads to so many more improvements in your life.

You know exactly what you want
you are telling yourself you have to wait until you feel ‘motivated’

Well here’s the truth;


Our minds are designed in a way to keep us safe…we all know that losing weight requires a lot of hard work, dedication and change

….the mind doesn’t want that stress, to face that difficulty, the uncertainty of trying to lose weight (or anything in that sense).

Which means you’ll never ‘feel’ like it.
you’ll feel motivated to do the things which are easy…

You know what you can do to lose weight, the small changes involved BUT you just can’t seem to do them
this is because you hesitate on those decisions, thoughts, ideas not because you lack the motivation.

Hesitation causes you to question/think about what it is you want to do, sending your mind into overdrive and wanting to protect you and trying to pull you away from something it sees as a problem.

You can (and it’s been proven) trace every problem or complaint you’ve had to silence and hesitation.

What Can You Do Instead?

Everyday you can wake up and remind yourself that motivation is BS – you’ll never want to do the things that are tough or difficult and stop waiting until you feel like doing it/them.

Remember that you are just ONE DECISION away from a totally different life.
How you react can change everything

Your life comes down to your decisions – if you change your decisions, you’ll change everything

I like to try not to think too much on many of my decisions and remember that most the time I will either be better off or back where I started.
This applies so well to weight loss – you’ll either see the results or be no worse off…why waste the oppertunity based on something that doesn’t exist??

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