Everyone Is A Critique So Do It For Yourself

Sometimes in life, it feels as though everyone’s a critic.

The sad fact is that this natural human condition, to criticize and knock others, spills over into every walk of life and will impact many of you as you embark on a new path to improving yourself

How many of you are pumped up to make that change right now, only to find yourself deflated and dispirited because the office tw*t/b***h starts to make nasty, derogatory comments because you are eating from Tupperware and not a fast food wrapper.

I hear this time and time again from our lovely members where a ‘fried’ has made a comment or a colleague has had a dig which has made them feel sh*tty!

Here’s one of our Super Ladies, Hillary, nailing assisted pull ups…..something the majority struggle to do!

The Welsh are as bad as anyone at this, if not worse. We get aggravated for absolutely no reason when someone does something a little bit different from the norm. “Why does she want to do that to herself? She must think she is so special” is something I’ve heard on a regular basis when hearing people comment on others doing weight training.

Something I’ve personally learned over the years is if someone doesn’t know me and makes unnecessary comments it 99.9% of time says everything about the person making the comment and nothing at all about me. If you are hearing some not so positive comments I want you to remember that sentence!


These are people who WANT TO SEE YOU HAPPY, HEALTHIER AND MORE COMFORTABLE in your own skin. So if anyone who tries to belittle your efforts or attempts to derail you with comments is either a freekin moron or doesn’t have your best interests at heart!
You can either tell these people to take a long jog off a short cliff or find a way to zone out from the BS chatter, if you don’t you face a strong chance of your fitness goals failing.

There will be days where you feel lower than normal and no doubt this will also be the time someone will make a less than positive comment….


Note To Self

Unless you are doing this just to look good in your holiday pics and plan to pile it back on afterwards, then this is a lifelong change…meaning you don’t have to forego on all the pleasures of life, you certainly don’t need to go super low carb (AKA Grouchy), train 5 times a week, and live like a Viking.

But you do have to be consistent, stick to your guns, and if you know you are doing the right thing and it makes you feel good (eating something different (not the office muffin) that makes the work ‘friends’ feel bad about themselves and then they project that right back at you, is one of the biggest failing points for most) then you’d be an idiot to not stick to your guns.

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