The 3 B’s (BullS**t Baffles Brains) are not welcome in G.I. Joe Personal Training.

We make losing weight simple to do and easy to understand. The fat loss journey is hard enough without over-complicating it. There is so much information out there, celebrities endorsing diets, supplements, training programmes, etc but it can all be very misleading and inconsistent. Recognise any of these?

Hi I'm Joe Williams,

I love training Females on how to overcome the obstacles they face in losing weight. What I see more and more is the vicious YO-YO dieting ritual that takes hold of so many females and feels impossible to get out of. You starve yourself, exercise on cardio machines like mice and then train

I want to change the way you look at exercise and help you to become a better version of yourself through proper training and eating to fuel your journey to achieving that.

I want to help women from their 20's into their late 60’s understand how they can become more confident and how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle without it feeling like a restrictive diet.

Working with ladies who have been trying to lose weight and look great all their lives but have yet to see permanent results, from their back to back classes at the gym and various fad diets.

No more fads, being good or bad, feeling out of control and hating how you feel

I want to be the last person you need to ask for help



The basic concept of weight loss is to have your body expend more calories than it has going in to it. But it does go deeper than this. You also need to eat the right nutrients at the right time to accelerate the effects.

Couple this with some short intensive workouts and it will fire up your metabolism to have you burning fat around the clock, and the nutrition will give you a healthy and manageable lifestyle that will keep you satisfied whilst shifting fat from your hips, bum and waist.

Behind the scenes we spend a lot of time researching the most effective (and maintainable) methods for fat loss. The world keeps spinning, research keeps changing beliefs and if we don’t keep up then we can’t say we provide the best you can get…..which we do!

In all seriousness though, we do have cause for concern. If you’re carrying excess weight around your back and waist, this is the most dangerous area as that extra fat is surrounding your vital organs...A walking timebomb.


You will see plenty of ads saying ‘so and so’ lost 22lbs in a week, before & after pictures showing what looks like a huge transformation. Some can be genuine BUT it is also very easy to ‘fudge’ the results and make pictures look more impressive.

Link - Article on fat loss myths (before & after pics busted)

For permanent fat loss you should aim for 3-4lbs of loss per week (there are exceptions to this) any more and it may well be muscle and water you’re losing, which you want to keep!

Remember that the more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn...even when sitting down, so you don’t want to lose muscle.


There are 100’s of benefits to weight, and fat, loss! These include your morale and well being. But the most important benefit is to your health.

90% of people who come to me say they put everyone else before them. That they are now overweight because they didn't take care of themselves - putting their own health and potentially life at risk. Remember that if you don’t put yourself first then what will happen if you are taken ill due to your excess weight causing health problems?


If you are concerned about the future of your health, or want to be able to play with your kids more then give us a call. Now is the best time to start, and it’s totally achievable.