Health & Fitness has been drilled into me; I come from a military background where it is engraved into each member as being the backbone to effectiveness.

‘’An Army marches on its stomach’’

Today we are in an Obesity Epidemic BUT not many people are bothered by this, we live for fast and easy ways through life, which all plays a small part in weight gain - and leads to a big problem.

I work to break this cycle by making exercise and better nutrition a way of life. There are so many problems with the advice on healthy eating out there that many people chose not to change.

  • Too many contradictions
  • Too many false promises
  • Too many things that have just been made up

I’ll help you see through all of it. It’s time to get to know your body and what it needs.


Our aim is to make nutrition simpler and understandable so you can change and set a great example for your children/partner/peers.

We are creating an Army of G.I.’s who now understand what it means to have a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that they can enjoy (one client even has a Nando’s Sunday!).

Remember our system - M.E.A.N, this is the backbone of everything we do, including nutrition.

These days we have ‘fat-free’, low-fat’ and ‘sugar-free’ forced down us as if it’s a good alternative. But you need to remember that if something is taken away from food, it needs to be replaced… and unfortunately it’s usually replaced by something worse.

Exercise isn’t just what you do in the gym; it is choosing to walk up the stairs instead of a lift, cycling instead of driving, playing in the park with the kids. Much like the Obesity Epidemic, it’s about making lots of small changes that make a huge difference.


Ask anyone and they will tell you that getting started is the hardest part. We had a member want to join (unknown to us) for over a year! She is now a happy member and loving the training so much she feels lost without it. Just think how far she could have come in that year.

So if you are thinking of starting (and because you’re still reading this, I’m pretty sure you are), make the first step and give me a call or send me an email. You don’t have to commit to anything, but I’m sure you will want to when you realise your own potential.