Weight Loss Over The Festive Period

First off, I’m not going to tell you to avoid Christmas dinner! I’m not Satan!!

Christmas can be a difficult time if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s all the parties, the mince pies, the chocolates (3 for 2 in Asda) and of course alcohol which make it so hard to stay on track. The usual response is to think “I’ll just deal with my weight after Christmas.”

Which is why I’ve wrote this, to help you to come out the other end not needing to ‘Start again’

Let’s avoid stepping on the scales on New Year’s day to see that you’re up five pounds

I’ve come up with 9 tips to show you exactly how you can do that.

Have something before the party

We all know what happens when you turn up to a party starving? You eat anything you can find! Hunger sabotages your resolve….gone are the days of ‘Eating’s Cheating’

To prevent yourself turning up hungry, have a light snack (80 calories or so) beforehand.

Plate up

Buffets aren’t the same as All You Can Eat! Rather than going back for seconds, thirds or fifths, choose what you want on the first trip and enjoy that one plate

Balance That Meal

Have you ever wondered how some people tend to eat a lot when you go out? Well what they do is compensate for the bigger meal by eating less either before or after.

So if you’re going out for a heavy dinner, have a lighter lunch. If you have a heavy lunch, then you can eat lighter for dinner.

Alcohol….Yeah We’re Going There

We all have a tipple or three over Christmas, especially at the work function and here is a great tip that will allow you to have a drink and avoid weight gain!

If you shave a few calories from each day in the lead up to a night on the drink you’ll have a ‘bank’ of calories to use on alcohol (You’re welcome)

Have a “quality quota”

If you like a particular food, for example, mince pies, decide how many you’re going to have for the entire Christmas period and stick to it. It could be three, five or even seven pies.

You pick the number, but stick to it. And when you have a mince pie it has to be a good one, you have to eat it slowly and enjoy it without any guilt.

Delay Stocking up with food for a few days

You can still have a house brimming with food at Christmas, but just put off “stocking up” for a few days. If you delay even a few days, it means less time that you’re surrounded by temptation.

Seems like a simple step, but it does make a difference.


Delay don’t deny

Children hate being told “no”. But adults also hate saying “no” to themselves. As soon as you deny yourself something you feel an increased desire to have it.

Get around this by “delaying not denying”. You want that piece of chocolate cake? Sure. Just say you’ll have a piece after you’ve checked your workout or watched that TV show. You’ll be surprised by how many times you end up not eating it after the delay.

Don’t let setbacks set you back

Things will go wrong over Christmas, but that’s ok. Don’t let one over-eating incident put you off or make you discouraged.

The worst thing you can do is over-eat, feel discouraged and then over-eat some more.

Even people who’ve been slim for years still trip up every now and then. But the skill you need to learn is getting right back on track as soon as possible. That makes all the difference….Don’t let one day roll into 3 or 5

Get Some ‘Extra’ Weight Loss

Work your butt off in the weeks leading up to Christmas to shift a few more lbs, that way when January hits you’ll be a few lbs better off already



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