We won Mentor Of The Year 2017

WOW! When something like this happens you get such a shock!

I NEVER would I have expected to achieve something like this. We’ve worked our socks off, kept our head down, not really looked at what the competition is doing, we’ve always just concentrated on our methods to attract the kind of clients we aim to work with.

So to attract recognition like this is a little bit humbling because it was voted for by the public.

We were up against some great gyms as well as some awesome teachers too, and for us we were just proud to be nominated as being honest we are very much like marmite. That’s how we want to be, you’ll either love us or hate us in the fact that we enjoy small group and semi private training in particular to bring a special community of people that’s extremely active in the gym.

You are either working with a coach or you can’t be a part of our facility. You can’t come here and be a general member of the gym doing your own thing. So to some people they would never want to do that.

But that’s fine by us because we want people who do train here to have structure in their nutrition, their training programs, and their lifestyle choices by always having someone to educate them and periodise their programs to work for them. It brings a certain kind of client that doesn’t want to guess anymore but instead have someone assess them and help them understand and overcome their weakest areas, because by always working on your weakest link, you can always move forward.

We are a huge family run business. In fact, several of our staff members that work here are all family as well as having past members become coaches too

I am super proud of my team from start to finish, they say you’re only as good as the staff you have and I couldn’t agree more. I am privileged and thankful these guys put the work in they do each and every single day.


Now this is where GI Joe Personal Training have truly excelled!

I don’t know what it is exactly that we are doing, maybe it’s everything combined that seems to make it happen, but I kid you not our clients are the best in the land.

The atmosphere and the kind of clients we have every single week are what makes this facility what it is. I am humbled by the support they always give and the continued support year round they do. I know we are a great service and we build this facility on what our clients ask for, I’ve always done it that way.


There are other gyms doing great thing’s too yet they continue to support us and turn up and help us make these sessions great and although we put in a lot of hours, quite often at very unsociable times, they make it all worthwhile and I just can’t thank you guys for this.

May we enjoy a long prosperous future together and we meet the exact needs of everyone.

Remember the door is always open and if you want to chat about anything especially on how we can keep improving, then we look forward to hearing from you.

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