How I turned an old pub into Llanelli’s best FEMALE training facility

The Old KK Club (or The Hope And Anchor)

This was a social hive back in the day, a little bit before my time but I’ve heard some of the many stories from it’s years as a pub!

The reason for the move to the KK Club

Our former location, at Llwynifan Farm was a tad on the small side. Which meant we were limited on various things; the amount of people we could work with, what type of training we could do, the service we could offer, parking…

Which meant only one thing, we HAD to move

Finding a bigger and more importantly, suitable place was a bit of a nightmare. With lots of industrial units empty, there seemed to be lots of options but alas, I was denied use by the local council.
This narrowed the field by a lot

To cut a long story short, one of viewing many properties hearing about large rental costs, and a lot of stress I came across the KK Club (Hope & Anchor) thanks to a lovely client namely Lydia!


It had been closed for a LONG time now, had been broken into, robbed or leadwork, pipework…it was a bit of a mess


I could see past all that…this place has potential for HUGE things

Over 3 floors, it was like a rabbit run with more and more to give…..I had to have it

Much like when you are house viewing and you walk into that house, you just know it’s right.

Work had to start asap

The build, or rather refurb has been broken into 3 phases;

  • Phase one – the ground floor
  • Phase two – The first floor
  • Phase three – The top floor!

I’m going to walk you through all that was involved in PHASE ONE of this epic refurb!

The Biggest Transformation G.I. Joe Personal Training has seen

As per every transformation, here are the obligatory ‘before’ pictures




From the outside it doesn’t look too bad, and the inside didn’t seem that bad either….


But when we stripped it back there was an awful lot of damp, especially in some of the other rooms.

The Refurb

Okay so we have the location…this was in June 2016

Now Mrs GI was also pregnant! Due in September so there was a lot of pressure on to get this done in time for some well deserved Paternity with the family


And here is where it all started…the work, the hard graft, the waiting, the stressing, long meetings and calls, late nights

Getting it all cleared to create a blank canvas to work with!


cleared out and boarding going up

Here we can see the ‘blank canvas’. This picture alone gets me all excited and tingling at the prospect of all the space available!

Knowing I can take care of more ladies is a huge driving force behind this



Lights installed

And there we have it! The blank canvas that I’ve been dreaming of for months!

Lights installed, walls painted, windows replaced.

Now to start getting the kit in, all chosen around those ladies I love working with (If you look in the corner the flooring had already arrived!


first delivery

Over the next few days more and more kit arrives, over 2 tonne worth to be exact!

I was like a kid in a sweet shop with all this, humping and dumping each box until it was all inside

Imagine how you’d feel seeing your dream slowly coming true…like seeing the lbs dropping off the scales each week when you’ve struggled for years




Once all the kit had arrived and the main room was ready, we got to creating the dream!

But before I get onto that I’ll quickly talk about the other rooms that are part of phase one;

We have the office, cellar, back room and two other what can only be described as dungeons all that need a huge amount of work to get up to standard for the members

The back office/cellarimg_2250img_1933 The first picture here is of the back room/office and cellar (to the left of the shot)

The second & third pictures are from in the ‘dungeon’ rooms – you can see the extent of the work needed here. I can’t quite remember what these rooms were

Each room, 5 in total, needed to be gutted, treated, boarded and have flooring installed as well as the electrics.
One of the rooms took a lot of time and stress as we discovered a leak in the roof AFTER completing the boarding and painting.


And here you have what I’d like to call PROGRESS


This is the start of one of the toilet areas, where we are installing a toilet, shower cubicle and wash basin

You’d think these rooms wouldn’t take too much time but they actually took around 3-4 weeks to complete!

The amount of work needed was scary and so stressful, having to put off bringing all the clients across from the old location.

The Gym Area

I have a wide array of amazing clients from which one in particular offered to help me put the gigantic rig together on a Saturday morning…I told him it would only take a few hours…

We finished around 6pm that evening so big shout out to Mathew for his dedication

Amazing what a bit of rubber matting and astroturf can do to a room!

laying the grass












So here we have the kit ready to get assembled. If anyone is interested, all this kit was shipped in from BlkBOX Fitness in Belfast. An amazing company who were happy to custom build the rig to accommodate my wishes!


Can you imagine how I felt standing back and seeing what we had just created?

All I can think is ‘Crap do my hands hurt!’ haha

Seriously though, knowing that this kit will enable me to help so many more people realise THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL!
To help them achieve their goals, thinking about the amount of sweat and tears (yes, there are tears at times) that this kit will see and feel…

What has been amazing up to now is the support and love I’ve had from so many people, the family are so understanding, friends and clients showing love and offering to help where they can too.

This helps so much when chasing a dream of yours!

Surround yourself with those who lift you up and you’ll achieve so much more


There you have it!
The gym floor Before and After shot….compulsory for a progress story ey!

The Rest Of Phase One

Okay lets not get carried away here, there is still lots of work to be done! After all we still have the two shower/toilet rooms, the carpark AND the entrance office/shop/chill room

Outside the paint work has been completed making a HUGE difference to the building, signs have started going up to make it our own and the carpark has almost been finished!

This has all been going on now whilst the newest addition, baby Rhys, has joined the family!

What a rollercoaster of emotions this has been so far…



So here we have the exterior


Now onto the rear where the carpark will be…

Like I said at the start, this is the BIGGEST transformation of my life. Taking a lot of hours/days, money, sweat and stress….much like what my clients go through

You’ve got to be able to see the end goal…know deep down that you will get there, or you’ll give up and throwing the towel in!

As with all transformations, there is always work to be done. But when you enjoy the journey as much as I am it’s not so much work. There is so much more to be done but already the results are amazing!

With all my clients I am watching them as they change….this is letting the clients be a part of our transformation.

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