The AMAZING Benefits Of Small Group Weight Training


As a coach I love nothing more than seeing my clients leaving the gym in sweat drenched tops, with nothing more to give, but also feeling quite energised (after a little cool down of course)

All training programs have the makeup to make you feel like that; resistance training, cardio training, and HIIT, but when you train on your own it doesn’t always seem to be the case.

Our small group training does. We focus on all the above when putting programs together, most times incorporating it all into a session, meaning your leaving sweating and smiling every time!

Imagine getting the full benefit from every session you do in the gym. What kind of results would you achieve?! I can guarantee now that they will be 100x better results than if you attend the gym on your own without a coach there too.

Don’t believe us? You should try it out  and you’ll be amazed at the difference and amount of work you can get from just one hour in the gym




If you want to get your body in the right place for losing fat, one of the best ways to do it is to do exercises that have the biggest effect (or energy expenditure), such as the deadlift. This exercise asks a lot of your body, recruiting a lot of muscle groups to perform each rep! As you can imagine, the more muscles you use at one go, the harder your body has to work…just watch that heart rate go up through the roof.

When I speak to ladies about losing weight traditional cardio seems to be the common ‘go to’ as an answer for fat loss. Now don’t get me wrong, you can burn a hell of a lot of calories doing traditional cardio (I burnt 8700kcal on a 50mile run), but you miss out on so much with traditional cardio. The ‘feel good’ hormones that get released from lifting weights is amazing. Not only does it ramp up hormones in a good way, but it burns far more calories over a long period of time. Studies have shown that weight based training leads to a continued burning of calories for a longer period of time, up to 38 hours AFTER you have finished your workout.

With our group training you get the best of both words. You get to fulfil that runners craving (the lungs gasping for air), feeling like you’ve accomplished something great, whilst also taking advantage of the effect of lifting weights.



Just like I said above, our group training will help build on your strength meaning you will be carrying all the shopping bags into the house in one go, whilst carrying little tommy AND unlocking the front door! But seriously, the training we do focusses on the pushing and pulling of weight making day to day life much easier and less stressful. It asks muscles to work together in a way traditional training doesn’t, and that helps build overall strength.

There’s a reason we are known for our results

Here at The Bar (still love that name), we love working in a way that gets you stronger, leaner, healthier, and more confident. Doing this in an environment made up of likeminded ladies who spurr each other on and support one another.

Want to come see our facility or get in touch with us about how you can potentially work with GI Joe Personal Training?

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