Prep Like A Woman On A Mission

5 Quick Tips To help You Prep

Preparation is everything when it comes to getting lean and being organised in the kitchen is key to burning fat and getting the body you want.

Gone are the days of spending hours or even days in the kitchen prepping chicken, rice and veg. Here are 5 top tips that will help you think outside of the box and keep you on the path to those awesome results

I Don’t Have The Time

One of the biggest reasons for not prepping is time. To achieve ninja-level prepping skills you first need to block out prep time in your diary – give yourself the time to do it.

Don’t put it off until you get in late from work in the evenings, instead block some time off on a Sunday to smash it all out! You can prep for the following 3 days and then do the same in 3 days time.

Initially it will seem like a lot of time but you save that time during the week by not having to slave over the stove


Takeaway Anyone?

You know all those tupperware pots your chinese comes in? Well hopefully you can now put them all to good use! If not, head down to the shops and grab yourself a pack of 10 and don’t forget to grab some small ones too …for your snacks

Make A Plan

Much like you plan to go to the gym, and you plan to do your particular workout, having a plan for what you will eat will do wonders too. Not only does it keep you on track but it will also help stop you from grabbing unhealthy fast food when in a rush.

Grab a weekly planner and jot down what you will eat for each meal, not forgetting a post workout snack and something to munch on between meals if you need it. you’ve got a training plan, now you’ll have an eating plan too – stick to it

Weigh it out

Nothing helps more to get you on track than a small set of kitchen scales. Trying to guess your weights when trying to hit your macro targets is a slippery slope you want to avoid if shedding fat is the goal. It’s likely you will eat more or less than what your body needs which will slow down that progress

Just pop into your local supermarket, you can pick a set up for under a tenner in most places.


Take Stock

Getting caught short after a long day isn’t the best of things which is why keeping your cupboards well stocked will keep you pushing to that lean machine look! Having a well stocked kitchen (of the right foods) not forgetting herbs/spices will give you a wide variety of meal options and keep them from being bland and boring, especially if you’re only using a few ingredients


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