Mother on the Outside, Super Woman on the Inside!

A Look at Kayleigh for International Women’s Day

Not your typical lady…welcome to the woman of 2018!

Kayeigh is a brilliant wife and mother to two boys, Mason (4) and Rhys (1)

What you won’t know from looking at her picture is that she’s also served 8 years in the British Army! A trained killer with a damn good shot too, taking part in the shooting team numerous times

That’s not all…. Kayleigh was a vehicle mechanic in the Army,
a high paced job where she was also in charge of others in what most would believe to be a male dominant area.

Pulling her overall’s on daily and then throwing on her shorts to play Rugby in the evenings and weekends! Oh, did I forget to mention she also played Rugby for the Army too? A very fit and strong player, she was picked up quickly to play at a high level, travelling to Australia to play


Whist juggling all this she was also selected to work on the Bloodhound Project; a project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000mph! This was a highly sought after job role where she was hand picked from many to help the project move on


She helped design and build the rocket element of the project (damn straight that’s cool!)


So we have a young lady who is in the Armed Forces, can use deadly weapons, change your car engine, build rocket systems, and take you down if you run away with an egg shaped object!

This lady, who according to some should be at home cleaning and looking after the kids has so far represented the Army at international level for Rugby, build rocket systems to help break the land speed record and served 8 years in the Army.

Now, after leaving the Army she is an inspiration to many as a Personal Trainer, helping so many ladies achieve the change they want and to become who they really are again! Wait…. she’s also training to compete on stage in Fitness Modelling; so training in the gym several times per week, coaching fabulous ladies daily AND bringing up two amazing boys!

After having two children she has put herself through a transformation, showing ladies all over that it can be done, you can achieve even more after giving birth

When we look at what women’s roles were back 20, 30 years it’s amazing to think how much society has changed AND how much ground-breaking work is achieved now!

Here’s to all the ladies out there kicking ass on a daily basis!



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