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We specialise in getting results and with that, transformations. So it was only fitting that our very own gym had to go through one itself!

Our Facility is right on the beach in Llanelli, and is a gym like no other. We pride ourselves on knowing everyone’s name who comes through the doors, how their weeks have been, and how their families are. A gym where you come in knowing what you’ll be doing, how to prepare for the sessions and the peace of mind that a coach is guiding you through every exercise.

We don’t see you as a number in the bank, when you train with us you are part of the family.


We took a run down, derelict pub and turned it into something amazing that would come to help 100’s of ladies become amazing and inspirational themselves.

Joe, the business owner, has worked tirelessly to get it to where it is today. Investing a lot to keep improving it and to best facilitate the progress of every member. Every change, tweak and decision is made based on what will help our clients.

Now, GI Joe Personal Training is a gym split over two floors known for paying attention to the littlest of details…..right down to providing bobbles in case of a bobble snap mid-session (the horror)


Much like our clients, we don’t quite ‘fit’ in with the normal gyms….we aren’t crossfit, a fitness class or a bodybuilding gym, nor do we make you run for endless amounts of time. What we are though, is a gym focussed on creating a lifestyle where you feel better about yourself, confident with how you look in the mirror and how you can perform in the gym.

We are all about being able to enjoy yourself. There’s no point in working your butt off only to end up hating how you don’t have time with the family or friends. We love a good social with all our members and their families.

6 years on and we have created some life long bonds, friendships and memories with the atmosphere we unintentionally created here.

Unlike anywhere else, a place where people just want to help others, where we are all in it together to progress together.


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