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Kate joined the GI Joe coaching team in 2019 and has hit the ground running. Coming in straight from giving birth to her gorgeous daughter, Poppy, she demonstrates how to balance your time to achieve your goals. Kate certainly practices what she preaches and works closely with her clients to help them also achieve their goals

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To me, personal training and nutrition should be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Over many years I’ve spent many hours doing training that I haven’t enjoyed or mindlessly gone from one cardio machine to another. I know first-hand how tedious and de-motivating it can be when you don’t get the results you expect or your progress seems too slow.

I aim to pass on the knowledge I have built over the years to all my clients and to make training both functional and interesting, enabling them to make lifestyle changes and lead more active healthy lives. Diet, as well as exercise is a huge part for me. These days there are too many extreme diets and fads which yes, can produce short term results, but are generally unrealistic to maintain long-term. For me it’s all about balance, and not putting your life on hold in order to achieve your goals or feel and look healthy.

This goes for my clients also; I couldn’t advocate anything I wouldn’t do myself. I aim to teach my clients about nutrition and how to fuel their bodies in accordance to their lifestyle. NOBODY is the same, and that’s fine, not everyone enjoys the same lifestyle or has the same goals. I create a fun environment with all my clients and help them work towards their goals week by week. Creating a good mindset and having the motivation for hard work I believe anything is achievable. If you want to track your exact macros day by day to be in the best shape for you holiday, I can help you with that, or if you’re looking to make those lifestyle changes to generally lead a healthier more balanced life I can also help you with that.

We can set some goals, and together we will smash them!

121 Personal training and Small Group Training Available

All programs give fully customised nutrition plan

We set up your calories and macros depending on your goals

We constantly re-assess you to ensure you are hitting your targets

Training is periodised to suit your goals for the time we have set ourselves as a team

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